A Fountain of Living Waters

January 23, 2020 § Leave a comment

Reading the Heavenly Doctrines can be a source of Divine truths, a fountain of living waters. Then again, reading the Heavenly Doctrines may not be a source of Divine truths, or a fountain of living waters.

Whether or not reading the Heavenly Doctrines is a fountain of living waters, a source of Divine truths; is dependent upon what we do with what we read.

If we take the knowledges of Divine truth we find in the Heavenly Doctrine and apply them by living according to them; then the Heavenly Doctrines will be a fountain of living waters which conjoins us to the Lord Himself!

If we do not live by those knowledges, the Heavenly Doctrines will do little for us.

“And lead them to living fountains of waters.” This symbolically means, and lead them by the truths in the Word to conjunction with Him.
Since a living fountain of waters symbolizes the Lord and also the Word, and waters symbolize truths (no. 50), and because when Divine truths in the Word are applied to life, which happens when a person lives in accordance with them, they bring about a conjunction with the Lord (AR 384; Rogers).


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