The first 3 heavenly affections the Lord gives us

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After a man, by the opening of his internal, is introduced into heaven, and receives light therefrom, then the same affections as the angels of heaven possess, together with their pleasantnesses and delights, are communicated to him. The first affection then given, is the affection of truth; the second is the affection of good; and the third is the affection of bringing forth fruits. For when a man is let into heaven, and into its light and heat, he is like a tree growing from its seed. His first budding forth is from enlightenment; his blossoming before the fruit is from the affection of truth, the fruit thence is from the affection of good; the multiplication of itself again into trees is from the affection of bearing fruit. The heat of heaven, which is love, and the light of heaven, which is the understanding of truth from that love, produce, in the subjects possessing life, things similar to those which the heat of the world and its light produce in subjects not possessing life. That they produce similar things is the result of correspondence. But in both cases the production is effected in the time of spring; and the time of spring with man is when he enters heaven, which is effected when his spiritual internal is opened; previous to this it is the time of winter with him.

(AE 942.2)

Man has the affection of truth, when he loves the truth and turns away from falsity. He has the affection of good, when he loves good uses, and turns away from evil uses. He has the affection of bearing fruit, when he loves to do goods and to be serviceable. All heavenly joy is in and from these affections; this joy cannot be described by comparisons; for it is super-eminent, and is also eternal.

(AE 943)

the presence of the Lord is perpetual with all who are in heaven and in the church; but it is a presence that is peaceful, tranquil, preserving, and sustaining, by which all things in the heavens and on the earth are held constantly in their order and connection, or are reduced to that order; so, too, in the hells. (AC 850)

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