Good and Truth

December 12, 2017 § Leave a comment

The reason why good and truth are mentioned so many times in the explanations given is that all things in heaven, and consequently all in the Lord’s Church, have a connection with truth and good In general these two include everything that is part of doctrine and everything that is part of life, ideas that are true being part of doctrine and those that are good being part of life. Furthermore the human mind generally does not have any objects of its thought and desire which do not involve truth or good, thought in the understanding involving truth and desire in the will involving good. From this it is evident that truth and good possess a very wide range of meaning and that they have an unimaginable number of derivations. This is why truth and good are mentioned so many times. (AC 4390.2)

One thing I get out of this passage is that good and truth in individuals is so various that the Heavenly Doctrines can not describe specifically, so they use the general terms “good” and “truth.”

It is up to us, therefore, as we examine ourselves to relate our specific forms of good and truth to the general descriptions given in the Heavenly Doctrines. Since the relationship between good and truth as generally described in the Heavenly Doctrines is identical to our specific forms of good and truth, we are able apply the Lord’s teachings about good and truth to our own lives.


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