Why is this important?

November 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

At the end of True Christian Religion the Lord reveals information about the spiritual character of various nationalities and where they are located. In TCR 806 in regard to the British it says:

Human beings have two modes of thinking, external and internal. In the natural world they use the external mode, in the spiritual world the internal. These two modes act as one in the case of the good, but not in the case of the wicked. It is rarely possible in the natural world to see what a person’s interior is like, since he has learned from childhood to behave well and rationally, and he likes to seem to be so. But in the spiritual world everyone’s nature is plain to see, for then he is a spirit, and the spirit is the internal man. Now because I have been allowed to be in that world and see there what internal men from different kingdoms are like, it is my duty, because of its importance, to make this generally known.

My question is, why is it important for us to know this? I don’t know the answer. If, as I continue to read I discover the answer, I will comment on this post.


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