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Isn’t it wonderful and comforting that the Lord works with our intentions and not with out accomplishments!

No love can ever become pure in human beings, nor in angels. So neither can this love [conjugial love, or the love of marriage). But because the Lord primarily regards the intention that is in the will, therefore to the extent that a person has the intention and perseveres in it, to that extent he is introduced into the purity and holiness of this love, and gradually makes progress in it.  (Conjugial Love, paragraph 71.2; Rogers)


Judgments: Natural and Spiritual

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The paragraph quoted below is talking about the ability to see the variety of love in marriages. It argues that when one makes judgments of the body, that is based on external senses and experiences, one can not see all the different kinds of married love.  Judgments based on the senses are dense and obtuse, they tend to see and make gross generalizations.

It is different when judgments are made from the spirit. Such judgments are based on knowledge which one has from Divine revelation.

Conjugial love is unlimited in its variety. It is not the same in one person as it is in another. It appears, indeed, as if it were the same in many cases, but that is how it appears to a judgment of the body, and a person scarcely sees the diversities in such things on the basis of a judgment like that, because it is dense and obtuse. By a judgment of the body we mean a judgment of the mind on the basis of its external senses.
People who see as a result of a judgment of the spirit, however, to them the differences appear, and they appear even more clearly to those who can raise the sight of this judgment still higher, by withdrawing this sight from the senses and elevating it into a higher light. These people are finally able to convince themselves with the understanding and thus see that conjugial love is not the same in one person as it is in another.
But even so, no one can see the endless varieties of this love in any light of the understanding, even if elevated, unless he first knows what that love is like in its true essence and perfect state, thus what it was like when, together with life, it was bestowed on mankind by God. Unless this state of it is known, which was most perfect, its diversities can by no means be discovered by any method of inquiry. For there is in that case no fixed point from which, as a point of origin, the diversities may be traced and to which, as a point of reference, they may be related so as to appear accurately and not deceptively.
For this reason, we proceed in this chapter to describe that love in its true essence. And since that love existed in its true essence when, together with life, it was infused into mankind by God, we proceed to describe it as it was in its original state. Moreover, because in that state conjugial love was truly conjugial, we title this chapter, “Truly Conjugial Love.” (Conjugial Love, paragraph 57, Rogers)

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