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September 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

“Lest he walk naked and they see his shame.” This symbolically means, so as not to be associated with people who are without any truths, and have their hellish loves appear.

To walk naked means, symbolically, to live without truths. The shame of nakedness or private parts symbolizes filthy loves, which are hellish loves. And because the text says, “Lest…they see his shame,” it symbolically means, so as not to have those loves appear. That nakedness symbolizes ignorance of truth, and shameful nakedness hellish love, may be seen in no. 213 above.

This admonition is for people who will belong to the Lord’s New Church, warning them to learn truths and remain constant in them, since without truths people’s innate evils, which are their hellish loves, are not removed. A person without truths may indeed be able to live as a Christian, but he does so in the eyes of men, but not in the eyes of angels.
The truths which people are to learn are truths having to do with the Lord and with the precepts according to which they are to live. (Apocalypse Revealed 706; Rogers)


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