What the Lord would like you to do for Him

July 2, 2015 § Leave a comment

I am familiar with many teachings about what the Lord does for us, but I am not familiar with teachings about what we can do for the Lord. This is not surprising. The Lord is infinite, we are finite. The Lord creates, we are created. The Lord is active, we are reactive. The Lord is good, we are evil. The Lord is wise, we are ignorant.

It would seem, logically, that there is nothing we can do for the Lord. So imagine my surprise and delight when I noticed this teaching in the Apocalypse Revealed.

This reciprocation of love and faith is the one thing that the Lord above all wishes a person to do for Him. (AR 224.9e; Rogers)

I have read this passage many times before, yet I have never noticed this sentence. There may even be similar teachings elsewhere in the Heavenly Doctrines, yet I have not noticed them either. This time, however, the Lord was able to let me see this.

What the Lord wants us to do for him is to reciprocate, return, the love and faith He has given us. He wants us do this as though of ourselves, or as if of ourselves, while acknowledging that the love and faith – and even the ability to act as though of ourselves – comes from Him.



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