Why we need to examine ourselves

June 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

After death, indeed, people’s outward qualities are in every case forced to become like their inner ones. (AR 157.e; Rogers)

This is a bit scary. It is easy to look at our actions, our outward behavior, and see that we have been good. We often are outwardly good, “keeping up appearances” so to speak, because we want others to think well of us. And if we look no further, we may actually believe that our appearance is reality.

The Lord warns us, however, that our inner nature may be quite different from our external behavior. We need to look at our private thoughts, our fantasies, our intentions, and what delights us. We need to do this especially when we are alone so that we can see what we are alike when nobody can see us.

And since all of us are born into the inclination toward every evil, what we will see will not be good. We need to acknowledge this hard truth, so that we will turn to the Lord and shun our evils as sins against Him. Otherwise He is unable to reform and regenerate us.


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