Who is New Church?

June 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Chapters 2 and 3 of the book of Revelation, spiritually describe

all those people in the Christian Church who have religion, and out of whom a new church can be formed, which is the New Jerusalem; and it is formed of those who go to the Lord alone and at the same time repent of their evil works. The rest, who do not go to the Lord alone, owing to their entrenched denial that His humanity is Divine, are indeed in the church, but they do not have anything of the church in them. (Apocalypse Revealed 69)

These two chapters describe those in the Christian Church who can become part of the New Christian Church. I would think that these same requirements would apply to those who are born and brought up in some New Church organization.

First, they must go to the Lord. As noted in an earlier blog, this means acknowledging that the Lord’s Human nature is Divine, and that He alone is our God and Savior.

Second, we must repent our evil works. Our works are evil?  We don’t like to think so, but they are. All our good works, all our community service — though outwardly good — is evil. It is evil because until we go the Lord and shun our evils as sins against the Lord, they stem from evil motives.

Those of us, who are fortunate to have been born or brought up in a New Church organization need to take these words to heart. Yes, we may be in the New Christian Church, but the New Christian Church is not in us, unless we look to the Lord and repent of our evil works.

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