We are nothing but evil

June 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Lord tells us over and over again in the Heavenly Doctrines that we are nothing but evil, and that there is “none good but one.” This is not a truth we enjoy. Our egos much prefer thinking we are good, and that we are smart.

Shunning evils as sins is so much easier when we acknowledge the truth that we are nothing but evil, and that all good and truth in us is the Lord’s; for then we are not giving up a part of ourselves, but the evil and falsities which are flowing into us from the hells.

In the passage below, we learn that if we acknowledge this truth that we are nothing but evil, then evil spirits associated with us cannot attack us and induce us to sin.


 SE 4067. What it is to be nothing

I heard when the most deceitful ones overhead were speaking among themselves, even wanting to destroy me, that they said they could not, because “he” is nothing, and if he were something, they would be able to. Then I realized that to be something as something of one’s own – that it was then so portrayed that they could attack and destroy it, and that then the most deceitful ones would have that right. But when it was represented that I was nothing, then it seemed to them that they had no power over what was then seen to be nothing, for then they did not have anything to attack. Thus he is safe who having the truth of faith, believes himself to be nothing. 1748, 25 Nov.


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