Central Theme of the Heavenly Doctrines

January 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

The Writings or the Heavenly Doctrines have a central theme. They tell us the same thing, over and over, and over and over again. And why do they repeat the same message over and over again? Because that is how often we need to hear it!

The central and essential message of the Heavenly Doctrines is that we must live our religion. Here are some of the ways they tell us this:

  • We must look to the Lord and shun evils as sins
  • Good and Truth must be conjoined in Uses
  • Keep the Commandments

The sheer volume of the Heavenly Doctrines (22, 30, 35 volumes of books depending on how you are counting) is intimidating. The theological and philosophical technical terms can be intimidating. The eighteenth century mode of thinking and background can be hard to follow. The Latinized English of some of the translations can be hard to read. But the central message of the Writings is easy to understand. Nor does it matter where you start reading in the Heavenly Doctrines. You cannot read more than a few pages without encountering the most important things you need to know.

  • Look to the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Examine your thoughts and intentions
  • Shun evil as a sin against the Lord
  • Do good

The easy part is knowing that we should do these things. The hard part is to make ourselves actually do them.


§ One Response to Central Theme of the Heavenly Doctrines

  • The Lord loves to save His erring children He so loves that He has made His Second Coming in these Heavenly Doctrines. He wants us to turn away from our evil ways, and follow His wise advice that will lead us to His peaceful presence and life eternal in heaven.

    He repeats Himself so often, because He knows how stiff-necked we are, and does not want us to forget His wise and pleasant counsel. Let us hear and obey Him for our own eternal good.

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