The first 3 heavenly affections the Lord gives us

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After a man, by the opening of his internal, is introduced into heaven, and receives light therefrom, then the same affections as the angels of heaven possess, together with their pleasantnesses and delights, are communicated to him. The first affection then given, is the affection of truth; the second is the affection of good; and the third is the affection of bringing forth fruits. For when a man is let into heaven, and into its light and heat, he is like a tree growing from its seed. His first budding forth is from enlightenment; his blossoming before the fruit is from the affection of truth, the fruit thence is from the affection of good; the multiplication of itself again into trees is from the affection of bearing fruit. The heat of heaven, which is love, and the light of heaven, which is the understanding of truth from that love, produce, in the subjects possessing life, things similar to those which the heat of the world and its light produce in subjects not possessing life. That they produce similar things is the result of correspondence. But in both cases the production is effected in the time of spring; and the time of spring with man is when he enters heaven, which is effected when his spiritual internal is opened; previous to this it is the time of winter with him.

(AE 942.2)

Man has the affection of truth, when he loves the truth and turns away from falsity. He has the affection of good, when he loves good uses, and turns away from evil uses. He has the affection of bearing fruit, when he loves to do goods and to be serviceable. All heavenly joy is in and from these affections; this joy cannot be described by comparisons; for it is super-eminent, and is also eternal.

(AE 943)

the presence of the Lord is perpetual with all who are in heaven and in the church; but it is a presence that is peaceful, tranquil, preserving, and sustaining, by which all things in the heavens and on the earth are held constantly in their order and connection, or are reduced to that order; so, too, in the hells. (AC 850)

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Swedenborg and June 19th

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June 19th is treated of 3 times in the Heavenly Doctrines, and only in the True Christian Religion. See TCR 4, 108, and 791.

It is a notable fact that several months ago the Lord called together his twelve disciples who are now angels, and sent them out throughout the spiritual world with orders to preach the Gospel there anew, since the church the Lord established through their ministry is to-day so close to its end that hardly any remains survive. This has come about because the Divine Trinity has been divided into three persons, each of whom is God and Lord. (TCR 4)

At this point I will add a piece of news. A few months ago the twelve apostles were called together by the Lord and sent out into the whole spiritual world, as they were once into the natural world, with instructions to preach this gospel. Each apostle had his own zone assigned to him. They are now following out their instructions with all eagerness and dedication. But a more detailed account of these events will be given in the last chapter of this book, which will deal with the ending of the age, the Lord’s coming and the new church. (TCR 108)

After the completion of this book, the Lord called together His twelve disciples, who had followed Him in the world; and a day later He sent them all forth throughout the spiritual world to preach the Gospel, that the Lord God Jesus Christ is king, and His kingdom shall be for ever and ever, as foretold by Daniel (7:13, 14) and in Revelation (11:15): Blessed are they who come to the wedding supper of the Lamb Rev. 19:9. This happened on the nineteenth of June in the year 1770. This was meant by the Lord’s saying: He will send his angels, and they will gather together His chosen people from the bounds of the heavens on one side as far as the bounds of the heavens on the other. Matt. 24:31. (TCR 791)

In all three of these passages the Lord declares that the apostles were called together and sent through out the spiritual world to preach the gospel as they once had in the natural world.

Typically we see Swedenborg as a reporter or witness to this event. But the fact is, he may have been more involved in this event then is apparent. Swedenborg may have taught the apostles what they needed to know to carry out their mission.

In True Christian Religion 339 the Lord through Swedenborg teaches us about having faith in “God the Saviour Jesus Christ is that it is faith in a visible God, in whom there is an invisible God.” This paragraph concludes with these words:

This was written in the presence of the Lord’s twelve Apostles, who were sent to me by the Lord while I was writing this. (TCR 339)

The whole paragraph can be read here:

Doing Good

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When a man does good from the Word, that is, because it is commanded by the Lord in the Word, he does it not from himself but from the Lord, for the Lord is the Word (John 1:1, 14), and the Lord is in those things that man has from the Word, as He teaches in these words in John:

He that keepeth My word, I will come unto him and will make My abode with him (John 14:23).

This is why the Lord so often commands that His words and commandments must be done; and that those who do them shall have eternal life; so also that everyone will be judged according to his works. From this it then follows that those who do good from the Word do good from the Lord, and good from the Lord is truly good, and so far as it is from the Lord there is no merit in it. (AE 741.2)

Omnipotence, Order, and being led by the Lord

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In respect to Divine omnipotence: it does not involve any power to act contrary to order, but it involves all power to act according to order, for all order is from the Lord; from this it follows that no one has any power to act according to order except from Him from whom is order; and this shows that it is of the Divine omnipotence to lead man according to order, and this every moment from the beginning of his life even to eternity, and this it does according to the laws of order, which are innumerable, and the number of which cannot be expressed; and yet this can be done only so far as man suffers himself to be led, that is, so far as he is willing not to be led by himself; for so far as he wishes to be led by himself he is brought into opposition to order. Because it is of the Divine omnipotence to lead one who wishes to be led according to order, and thus to lead no one contrary to order, therefore it is not of the Divine omnipotence to lead anyone to heaven who wishes to lead himself, since it is a law of order that what a man does he shall do from reason and from freedom, because that which is received by the reason and done from freedom remains with man, and is appropriated to him as his own, but not that which is not received by the reason and done from freedom. Thence it is clear that it is not of the Divine omnipotence to save those who are not willing to be led according to order, for to be led according to order is to be led according to the laws of order, and the laws of order are the precepts of doctrine and life from the Word; it is therefore of the Divine omnipotence to lead a man who is willing to be led according to these every moment and continually to eternity. For every minute there are infinite things to be seen, to be removed, and to be insinuated, that man may be withheld from evils and held in goods, and this continually in connection according to order. It is also of the Divine omnipotence to protect men from the hells, so far as this can be done without injury to freedom and reason; for all the hells are as nothing against the Lord’s Divine power; without this power of the Lord it is impossible for any man to be saved. (AE 689.2)

The Importance of Doctrine

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Many people don’t like doctrine. Doctrine can seem to be dry, abstract, and remote from the life we live. Who cares about the doctrine of discrete degrees?

First, what is doctrine? Doctrine is a set of teachings that relate to a particular subject. The doctrine of glorification, for example, is a set of teachings that tell us about how and why the Lord glorified His Human nature.

Since doctrine is a set of teachings, someone has to collect those teachings and organize them. Sometimes the Lord does this Himself in the Heavenly Doctrines (see TCR for example); other times we have to do it.

It is true that the essentials of salvation are simple, clear, and abundantly taught in the Heavenly Doctrines. So doctrine may not seem important, yet it is:

Here first let something be said respecting doctrine:
1. Without doctrine no one can understand the Word.
2. Without doctrine from the Word no one can fight against evils and falsities, and disperse them.
3. Without doctrine from the Word no one within the church, where the Word is, can become spiritual.
4. Doctrine can be acquired from no other source than from the Word, and by none except those who are in illustration from the Lord.
5. All things of doctrine must be confirmed by the sense of the letter of the Word.

(AE 356)

Apocalypse Explained 356 goes on to explain these five points in more detail, and are certainly worth reading. So I encourage you to look this passage us and read it.

True Wisdom

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“…true wisdom is to see what is conducive to anyone’s life to eternity, and to determine oneself according to that, which is done when man not only knows these things and perceives them with his understanding, but also wills and does them…” (AE 338)